We offer comprehensive solutions for large and small warehouses and offices, including power, lighting, data, and containment, alongside MCCB and distribution board installations.

Large Warehouse Electrical Installation

Unity Electrical Services successfully completed an extensive project at a large commercial warehouse, encompassing the installation of new power and lighting infrastructure, including mains. Our team installed lighting, power, data, and containment throughout the warehouse and offices, ensuring comprehensive electrical coverage.

The project also involved the installation of new MCCB and distribution boards across the site, enhancing the electrical distribution system's efficiency and reliability.

Unity Electrical Services' expertise in handling complex electrical installations for industrial environments was evident throughout the project. Our meticulous approach ensured seamless integration of electrical systems, meeting the specific requirements of the warehouse facility.

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Key Services:

  • Power and lighting installation
  • New MCCB and distribution boards for enhanced distribution
  • Expertise in complex electrical installations for industrial environments
  • Meticulous approach ensures seamless integration to meet warehouse needs